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Fit Teens

FUNdamentals is currently working with the local Intermediate school to try and offer a Teen Fitness Club that will allow kids from the school the opportunity to learn and perform fitness and exercise a few times per week to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of these young men and women. A busy mind and body is a healthy mind and body. The club would feature a “classroom” component, in which students would learn the “real facts” about fitness and muscles and how best to train them for optimal performance and for optimal appearance; and a training component, in which they would put their learning into practice. There are a lot of mixed, confusing messages in the media about how best to exercise to achieve results and most focus on the high intensity, quick fix solutions, which are not the best for the teen aged person because their bodies are still physically developing and changing and they need smart, safe, effective techniques to prepare their bodies for the long life ahead.

Until we have this program up and running, we currently have a number of teens both in intermediate and high school levels training in our regular classes.  The benefit for them by training alongside our adult participants is they tend to have greater focus and take the environment a little more seriously.  Which typically leads to better learning, better technique and better performance.  If you have a teen aged son or daughter that you want to learn how to exercise the correct way, give us a call and we will help find them a good fit!

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