What is FUNdamentals?

FUNdamentals evolved from an idea that we had for years.  An idea that the “family”, as a whole, was not being served as well as it could be when it came to physical activity choices.  Many activities, in fact, separate families with mom going one way with one child while dad goes the other way with another child to various activities. Meanwhile, the parents get lost in the shuffle trying to provide for their children, at the expense of their own personal health and wellness.  So we decided to do something about it and provide a place where families could come together to FUNdamentals and be active at the same time.  Sometimes it is in family activities where everyone, regardless of age, can play and exercise together.  Other times, it is the parents getting their exercise time while the kids play and entertain themselves in our “FUN ZONE” which features a 24 foot long bouldering/climbing wall, a matted floor to prevent injuries, and lots of balls, toys, hula hoops and other active equipment.

We recognize the importance and the joy it brings our family when we all have the physical ability and stamina to play together. Nothing makes our sons Hunter and Ryder happier then when mom and dad can get out on a field, in the yard, or at FUNdamentals and chase them around and keep up!  And that is what we at FUNdamentals are trying to help everyone with.  The opportunity to get stronger, healthier, have more stamina, more ability and more confidence in adopting and keeping a highly active lifestyle.  And by that we don’t mean being able to just go out and take a leisurely walk, even though for some of us that is an amazing accomplishment, but we want everyone to be able to say “YES! I will come and play softball with you…YES! I will go for a skate with you…YES! I can help you with your gardening or spring cleaning” because you have the strength and confidence to get out and challenge life!

Please take time and review our website and look at the faces of the people in the pictures. They are not models posing for a website, they are real people from our programs, the same as you and me, all with the same goal of trying to figure out how to make activity a more enjoyable part of their life!  Look at their faces and see the energy flowing from them!  Feel free to drop by for a visit in person to see and hear the energy flowing during classes and we will be happy to answer any questions.  On behalf of the team of amazing staff and volunteers that are helping us reach out to our community , we thank you for taking the time to review this website.



Jason, Tammy, Hunter and Ryder


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